Shelter for the poor is God’s home!

March 22, 2017 § 1 Comment

The Supreme Court has spoken!
The Ayodhya problem is back to the situation of Ground Zero! The two parties are asked to hold discussions and arrive at a solution! This reminds me of the famous lines from’:Rubaiyat’ by OmarKhayyam.

‘Myself when young did eagerly frequent
Doctor and Saint and had great Argument
About it and that evermor
Came out by the same Door as in I went!

This precisely sums up the present predicament. The problem went to the Supreme Court after so much of bloodshed and anarchy! The question is to whom the place doth belong. Rama or Alla?
The question being now related to Divinity how can there be a mundane answer?

In Tamil there is a saying that means, ‘wherever Rama is it becomes Ayodhya’ In fact, when the great Tamil poet Kamban describes ‘Ayodhya’ he has only the Chola capital, his own dwelling place in view the way he brings the city to our mind! When he talks of ‘Sarayu’ his mind is occupied with ‘Cauvery’ and the four kinds of geographical divisions immortalized by Sangam poetry! Each region in India has its own version of Ramayana and localization of ‘Ayodhya’, that the city could be anywhere in any part of this great country, wherever Ramayana is recited and heard!
When millions of our countrymen are homeless, what is the immediate need for us to find home for gods, whether it is Alla or Rama, who, in fact, are Omnipresent? if only we decide to build a huge shelter for those who are homeless in Ayodhya, it would be joint resting place for both divinities.


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