The Yogi and the commissar

March 21, 2017 § Leave a comment

Can a saint be a political administrator of the State? Interesting question it is. In the past, in India, the State and religion had functioned as one unit. Vasishta was not only the prohit but also was a political adviser to King Dasaratha. Only after his approval, Dasaratha decided to make Rama as the crown prince, although the Rajaguru knew very well of Dasaratha’s promise to Kaikei when he married her that her son would succeed him on the throne.

Yogi Adhityanath has the administrative skill of running a religious establishment like the Gorakpur mutt and an aggressive seasoned parliamentarian frequently spitting fire and brimstone against those professing a different religious point of view. What more you need for establishing a Hindu Rashtra? Probably, the ‘Vatican’ elders in Nagpur feel that the Hindus have suffered enough for the last thousand years and it is time for them to assert themselves!


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