The Devil is a gentleman!

February 28, 2017 § Leave a comment

In a country where there are only pots and kettles, what would be the national colour? Your guess is right. Black! That,what it is in our country,especially so at the time of elections.The pots and kettles refer to each other’s colour disparagingly!Maybe, there is no mirror.Or, a few of them there are,have become so dark that they are incapable of reflecting any colour!

Corruption has become the in-thing with the politicians of this country irrespective of their political affliations ‘I am honest, he is not’ is the election war cry. But,’an upward politician’ is an oxymoronic expression in the minds of the people of this country, called Bharat! They know a politician cannot be but dishonest and what matters is the degree.

‘A criminal is one who does not get caught’ was the golden saying of Richard Nixon, who, of course, knew his poltical onions well, but not well enough not to have got caught! He had contempt for India that he had not sought a lesson or two from our politicians!

In fact, ‘corruption’ is as old as what is generally believed to be the oldest profession in the world. Or, perhaps, even older! The first ‘bribe’ that was ever offered was ‘an apple’. It tasted good, but it was at the cost of a garden!

Sir Francis Bacon, the seventeeth century English statesman,scientist and philosopher,well known for his pithy aphorisms, when accused of taking bribes ,is said to have argued that they were not ‘bribes’ but ‘gifts’.Probably, he had read our Hindu scriptures, which categorise them as ‘dhan’ offered to please the powers that be!

The gift may be from a pen to a penthouse! Much depends on the recipient’s standing in the corridor of power. Our own scriptures have stipulated what ‘gifts’ could be offered to the the various categories of people, those who are superior to us in station, or less than us in status, depending upon their caste!

Maybe, Shelley was right, when he wrote:

The Devil, I can safely aver,
Has neither hoof, nor tail, nor sting.
Nor is he, as some sages swear.
A spirit, neither here nor there,
In nothing,-yet in everything.
He is what we are, for sometimes
The Devil is a gentleman!
At others, a bard bartering rhymes
For sack;a statesman spinning crimes;
A swindler, living as he can!


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