Where is God?

February 24, 2017 § Leave a comment

Dear Jaggiji and Modiji,
Do you know the story of ‘Pusalar puranam’ written by t he Tamil poet SEkkizhar?
A Pallava chieftain, called Kadavarkon, decides to build a huge temple for Lord Shiva to show off his pomp and power. He fixes the date for the inauguration of the massive temple in consultation with the priests.

But Shiva appears in his dream and tells him that he wouldn’t be present in the temple, built by him that day, as he has committed himself to be present in another temple, constructed by a poor devotee, in a nearby village, close to the capital of the kingdom. The king is shocked.

So curious he becomes that with all his courtiers he goes to the village mentioned by Shiva.

The village remains calm and serene without any activity. He asks one of the rural folks, ‘ Where is the temple, which is said to be built here?’

At that time, a poor man carrying water in a mud pot, looks at the king and asks him “Are you referring to my temple, Your Majesty?’

‘Your temple?’ The king is stunned. That man is in tattered clothes and appears to suffer from perpetual hunger.
“Yes, Your Majesty. I have been building it in my mind for the last six months and now it is completed. I have fixed today as the inauguration day and Lord Shiva has promised me to be present.You are also welcome, Your Majesty.’
This story was written in 11th century ACE and I am sure, Vasudevji, you may be acquainted with this beautiful story
Indira Parthasarathy.


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