‘What is Truth?’ Ask our politicians.

February 21, 2017 § Leave a comment

Can only the wealthy,educated,professionally successfully politicians set high standards of truth and morality? An interesting question this. I recently read a diplomat-converted politician making such an atrocious statement.And, he also added, that ‘we look to high standards of truth and morality being set by such persons’. He has graciously identified himself along with commoners by using the inclusive plural ‘we’.
We know our politicians are not in this ‘business’ (pun intended) of politics to eventually become role models of virtue and lead the flock by precept and practice. Ram Rajya was Gandhiji’s pipe dream in which even his own followers did not stake their faith.
Rama believed in absolute truth and morality but what happened to him? He lost his right to the throne, was banished to the forest only to lose his wife, who was abducted. He fought a war to get her back but again sent her to the forest only to be cheered by a washer guy!
There is this possibility of truth and morality varying from politician to politician, depending upon the political exigency of a given situation. Even Dharmaputra, the eldest of the Pandavas, who fancied that truth and morality were absolute and non-negoitiable had to give in at the instance of Krishna, just for the sake of winning a war.Instead of uttering a lie openly, he resorts to ‘termnological inexactitude'(lie)to borrow a Churchillian phrase.
No wonder, the good old Roman governor, who lived two thousand and odd yeats ago, raised the question ,”What is Truth?’ and left it for the future politicians all over the world to answer!
Our own Thiruvalluvar was soft on this issue,’ If something good were to happen by uttering a lie, it is no longer a lie and it is truth.’He did not foresee our contemporary Tamil politicians,who strongly believe that ‘anything good’ means only in relation to accumulating wealth in the most obscene manner!


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