jeyamohan’s ‘Aram’.

July 26, 2012 § 6 Comments

Jeyamohan,  one of the most significant and trend-setting Tamil writers of the present era, announced his arrival  in the field of serious and sophisticated writing by his, what is now hailed as his magnum opus by discerning critics, ‘ Vishnupuram’. Conceived as a non-linear fiction, where events are projected in a cyclic order, synchronizing  with the concept of history in the Indian cultural tradition, this novel explores the multi[le layers of meaning and substance in the three primary cosmic principles of creation, preservation and annihilation. It is a novel of epic dimension crafted in an innovative style.

‘Aram’ (‘Righteuousness’)  is a collection of twelve long short stories, thematically linked with the title.

In this era of ethical relativism, the philosophical issues such as which is absolutely good and which is absolutely bad may seem apparently irrelevant. But, yet, righteousness as an intrinsic trait of an individual(such rare specimens who are not yet wanting) does not fail to find expression in the form of indignation, compassion, infinite perseverance, capacity for suffering, sense of beauty for its own sake, humanism,, gratitude and world vision. Like’ the quality of mercy’, it affects both, the one who has this trait and the one who is provoked to narrate  his/her story and in this case the writer himself who has this existential dilemma of reconciling between romantic idealism and the practical worldly outlook. . . The author mentions this in his afterword. I feel he should have included the reader also. After finishing reading this book  ,I felt that one cannot write off humanity as yet!

All the twelve stories are written based on real characters, the sequential narration of events are fictionalized with nuanced skill to add aesthetic charm and literary elegance.


§ 6 Responses to jeyamohan’s ‘Aram’.

  • Whose problem is this ‘Aram’? Either those who are not trying to understand the evils of the society in the failure of its system or those who are interested or faith in the existing system. Those are trying to categorize the base of the evils only under the problems of ‘Aram’.

    Indian story tellers from the beginning itself, trying to analyze – the contradictions between the individuals, contradiction between an individual and the society and base of all evils – in the characters of the individuals and the decline of their moral values. But in the earlier stages of the development of societies and epistemology such an idea, itself a great advancement in the process of understanding the contradictions.

    But in the later stages of the development of society, it has proven that such a simple logics fail to capture the real problems of our society, their solutions never turned as a life style in the prevailing societies. Here only we came to analyze all the way of our life through some advanced logics such as system failures, Development of society Vs. ideas, Development of society Vs. culture, etc.

    Feelings of ‘Aram’ in an individual’s mind never play over or supersede the contradictions of the society and system failures. Individuals can only be allowed to live under the Terms & Conditions given by the existing societies. Those who trying to solve the issues purely on the base of ‘Aram’ is only an exception to the society, such exceptions never became a way of life anywhere around the world. This is the reality we are seen and learnt from the Life and History of mankind.

    At the time, when the Aram series of short stories published in Jayamohan’s website, I have written some criticisms about the first three short stories of this series in my blog ( I knew very well most of the people not agreed with my views. But my suggestion is, it should also has been taken into account as one of the alternate view. Those criticisms are all written by me as a ‘Aram’ of mine towards my society.

  • […] Writer Indira Parthasarathy’s blog, he has posted a small writeup on Jeyamohan’s Aram Series short stories. For this I have posted a long comment on his blog. Below i have republished […]

  • sree says:

    im from malaysia and i want to buy this do i get it? any ideas please

  • mohan says:

    you can get it thgouh amazon

  • vivek says:

    sir, i am student of the american college,madurai. i am doing M.PHIL ENGLISH. i would like to do thesis on i have chosen
    Aram Short story to translate it into English . my guide says that if a piece of book is already translated it could be sir can you please help me by saying what are the short stories have not translated into english from Aram

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